Patient Terms and Conditions of Service

  1. Individual laboratory investigation/imaging has limitations and should not be considered as conclusive. It should be used along with other relevant clinical details to achieve the final diagnosis. Therefore these reported results are for the information of referring clinician only.
  2. The values of laboratory investigations are dependent on the quality of the samples as well as the assay procedures used. Therefore, all samples collected outside Me Cure Healthcare Ltd premises/laboratories are required to be prepared, stored, labeled and brought as per the guidelines of Me Cure. Me Cure cannot be held liable for incorrect results for any samples which are not processed as per the guidelines.
  3. Electronics images in the report are created by electronic processing. Me Cure makes no expressed or implied warranties or representations with respect to it and takes no responsibility for the authenticity, quality and size of the image, affected possibly due to a computer virus or other contamination.
  4. Me Cure confirms that all tests have been carried out with reasonable care, clinical safety and technical integrity
    1. However due to certain factors such as reagent inconsistency, machine breakdown etc. beyond its control which could affect the test, it does not make any representation or give any warranty about the accuracy of the reported results.
    2. The test results are to be used for diagnosing/ treating medical diseases only.  
  5. Since Me Cure does not verify the identity or details of the patient/client or his/her doctors except in case of certain tests, it cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation or misuse by unintended recipient. 
  6. In case you are not the intended recipient of this report, please immediately return same to the concerned issuing desk, or delete in case of electronic message or SMS (phone text). Any disclosure, copy or distribution of any contents of reports, is unlawful and is strictly prohibited.
  7. Partial reproduction of reports is not valid and should not be resorted to.
  8. All dispute/claims concerning reports/investigations are subject to Lagos State Alternative Dispute Resolution only.